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17 Jan 2019
New feature | 1 min read

New! Archive and pin campaigns for a cleaner workflow

  Hire Success lets you create custom campaigns to easily track the ro...

19 Nov 2018
Employment Testing | 3 min read

Succession planning and employee testing

When many business owners think about succession planning, they think ...

12 Nov 2018
Employment Testing | 3 min read

When to test job applicants

At Hire Success®, we’re often asked when companies should use employme...

05 Nov 2018
Interviewing | 2 min read

The good and bad of interviews

Have you ever discovered that a person you hired to do a job – someone...

29 Oct 2018
Personality Testing | 1 min read

The importance of dominant traits

At Hire Success, our Personality Profile is designed to help you deter...

26 Oct 2018
Baselines | 3 min read

Developing Baselines — The untapped wealth of information in your office

At Hire Success, we refer to the task of identifying and quantifying p...

26 Oct 2018
Hiring Insights | 2 min read

Why the best employees are free

If you’re in charge of hiring employees, you’ve probably had one or mo...

24 Oct 2018
Personality Testing | 4 min read

Why Not to Use Myers-Briggs® for Pre-Employment Screening

24 Oct 2018
Hiring Insights | 1 min read

Should job applicants study for an employment test?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from employers is if...

23 Oct 2018
Hiring Insights | 2 min read

When hiring employees, what’s in your toolbox?

Every business wants to hire the best employees and reduce turnover. S...

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